The idea for Hull Capital Management was the result of attending a Certified Financial Planner course twenty years ago.

My client’s at the time (and still today) had little in common with the perfect couples and situations we studied.  No one had a pension, 401k matching, stock options or a predictable income.  Almost all were self-employed or small business owners.  No one had 50 years to save/invest for retirement, 25 years was the most and most had less than 15 years.

The financial life of small business owner, self-employed or freelancer is very different compared to corporate or government employees.  Most of my professional training did not apply to my clients. However,  I grew up in a family business and own a small business today.  I understand the problems facing small businesses today when it comes to retirement.   

These problems caused me to take a different approach to investing retirement plans. An approach that was designed to meet the needs of my clients. They couldn’t afford a long period of low returns. They couldn’t afford a big loss that would take years to get back to breakeven.  They needed to get ahead every year in order to hit their goals. 

Sixteen years later after the worst markets since the great depression, a partial list of our accomplishments include:

  1. For the bear market years 2000 - 2002, the S&P 500 lost over 40% and the NASDAQ lost over 70%. In contrast, our managed accounts broke even for the three-year period with two winning years and one losing year.
  2.  In 2008, the S&P 500 index fell over 35%. Our managed accounts were profitable for the year.
  3. According to data provided by Morningstar comparing our strategy to equity and international mutual funds (over 11,000 in 2008), our strategy was the only one to be breakeven or profitable in both bear markets and to beat the S&P 500 index from 1999-2012.
  4. During the losing decade for the S&P 500 index, 2000-2009, our strategy gained over 80% total return.
  5. We are the only investment advisor in the country with a 16-year track record of absolute returns specifically designed for retirement plans like SEP IRAs, Solo 401k  and traditional IRAs.
  6.  Compound or real growth was twice the S&P 500 index net of inflation, 5.09% vs 2.41%.

For me, the gains made during the losing decade for the stock market were the most satisfying.  While everyone else lost 10 years of growth, clients retirement plans stayed on track and kept growing. 

Hull Capital Management is a veteran owned business and a fiduciary investment advisor specializing in managing retirement plans for small business owners, self-employed and freelancers.