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Part One: The Biggest Investment Problem We all Face
Chapter 1- The Big Risk 
The biggest risk weface when investing and planning for the future. Download
Chapter 2-Can Traditional Financial Advice Solve it?
An honest look at how traditional financial advice deals with our biggest risk. Download
Chapter 3- Can Alternative Investments solve it?
How alternative investments deal with our biggest risk vs traditional advice. Download

Part Two: The Solution
Chapter 4- Minimizing the Cost of Being Wrong
Planning on doing well if market returns are lower than expected. Download
Chapter 5-Reaching our Goals
A checklist for improving the odds of hitting our investment or retirement goals. Download
Chapter 6-Hedge Fund returns without the Hedge or the Fund
A look at getting returns independent of the stock market without being a millionaire Download
Chapter 7-Waiting for Everyone Else to make a mistake
Research on waiting to invest until the market falls in value. Download
Chapter8- Investment Selection and the Big Risk
How to think about investing for low returning markets. Download 
Chapter 9- The Role of a Fiduciary Advisor
What to look for in an advisor who can add value to your uniquesituation Download

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Editorial Reviews

Less Risk, More Return will become one of the most valuable books you could own in your investors library. It will give you access to knowledge and strategies that will enable you to make informed investment decisions, and will give you a new awareness and confidence.

--Larry Chambers author Protect Your 401(k) one of Barron's "Best"


In a world sometimes devoid of answers, Hull cuts through the noise and provides investors with a blueprint to address retirement planning and investing. Investors seek to learn from experts and Hull has a proven record of being able to prepare them for the future.

--Zack Miller, author of Tradestreaming


...addresses the very real issues facing individual investors today and explains how these investors can take control of their investments and minimize the very real risks they face...offers solid and valid proof that his strategies are right on the money.

--Rich Mintzer, author of Everything Investing and Fast Read Investing

Planning is necessary to win the investment game just as it is in sport. The key is to know who to listen to when making decisions. Your track record puts you ahead of all of the competition.
If they gave gold medals for investment advice Hull would have a bucket full.
--Lanny Bassham, Olympic Gold Medalist and author of Mental Management


A marvelous read; if you want to protect yourself from the very real possibility of periods of low returns this is a must read. Well written and easy to follow. I cannot say enough good things about this book as a guide to enlightened management of your retirement plan.
--Larry Williams, Trader, Fund manager, Author


Less Risk, More Return by Lee Hull named Best Trading Book of 2011, as well as Best Retirement Book of 2011 by
…Lee Hull shows how and why traditional investment advice and strategies have failed the average investor…a great resource for retirement planning/retirement investing.


Less Risk, More Return Named Best Retirement Book of 2011
…Hull’s book — well, his whole investment strategy — began with an end goal in mind (make money and don’t lose). He then fashioned a strategy to get there. That’s the inverse of how many fund managers approach their trade.