After 20 years of working exclusively with small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed, we know retirement plans. There are enough retirement plans choices that almost everyone can find a plan that fits their needs.  The choice of retirement plan is not only important for retirement savings, but can also lower your taxes.    Almost everyone is surprised to learn the range of pretax contributions range from $5,500 to over $100,000 depending on the plan and age of the participant.

Tax smart investing is one of the ways you can improve the odds you can retire on time and stay retired.

Compared to our W-2 counterparts that work for  corporations or r the government, we have a wide range of retirement plan choices combined with an almost unlimited number of investment options.  In addition, in some cases you can contribute to your retirement plan until October of the following year.

We have put together several guides to the most common retirement plans. Each guide has all you need to know about each plan.  Eligibility, limits, deadlines, penalties and even a contribution calculator that will calculate the maximum contribution for SEP IRA, Simple IRA and Solo 401k.

Solo 401k Guide

Simple IRA Guide

Roth Solo 401k Guide

Traditional IRA Guide

Please download any of the free guides you may need and keep the guide as a reference.  We update the guides every year.

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If these guides and calculators do not answer your questions, please use the following form to email us and we will do our best to help.