Who we can help the most

For the past 20 years, our  practice has been  focused on retirement plans for small business owners, self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs who do not currently have a corporate or government 401k, 403b or pension plan and are within 20 year of wanting to be retired or financially independent.

The client we can make the biggest difference for fit the following profile:

  1. Self-employed, small business owner, entrepreneur, freelance etc. 
  2. 20 years or less to retire or wanting to financially independent
  3.  Want to use their retirement plan each year to reduce taxes if possible
  4. Want to adopt an investment strategy that focuses on making money every year, not just in the good years. 

Over the past 16 years, we have knocked it out of the park for clients who meet these criteria.  Our goal is a group of like-minded clients and all share similar values and goals.

 The most important difference is our focus on making a profit every year regardless of what happens in the broader markets.  We believe in working hard every day on your behalf so you get ahead every year, not just when the market indexes go up.   These values also show in our pay for performance fee schedule option.  If we don't make a profit for the year, no fee is charged(  available to accredited investors per S.E.C. rules).

If you believe we should work hard every day to grow you account every year and your advisor should be accountable for the performance of your retirement plan, then we already have two things  in common.  Please check our performance during the bear markets of 2008 and 2000-2002 to see how well we dealt with the worst markets since the great depression.

We do not have a stated account minimum like most firms.  We look for clients that share our values and the above characterics. This is more important than account values.   

We are selective about our clients, so in many cases HCM will not be the best fit.  However, we will still try to help you find the best option for your goals.